Questions for Your Candidates

Let's Get Practical

Do you know what AUGSA really does?

I was fortunate to be a Faculty of Health Disciplines representative for AUGSA during the 2017- 2018 year. During my year of service I was an active and enthusiastic counsel member. I sat on a number of committees, volunteered at the student research conference, and learned about the ways in which AUGSA serves AU graduate students. 

From my perspective, AUGSA is concerned with representing student interests internally, with the university's Board of Governors, academic appeal committees, and award committees. AUGSA is also key in communicating the needs and priorities of students externally at provincial and federal levels. 

I have also taken advantage of opportunities to learn from sitting AUGSA executive members. They have graciously shared their knowledge with me and I have learned much from their experience and expertise. 

Can You Handle the Heat?

Do you have the time and resources to be able to do the job well?

This is important to me. You place your trust in your AUGSA executive team and its important that they are able to commit the time and energy needed to deserve your trust. 

As VP External, this will be my only job. Apart from my own studies, I am committing my time and resources to this position. Honestly, I don't think you could balance paid work, studies, and an AUGSA executive commitment- something would suffer. Running as a VP candidate was a big decision that I made with the support of my family and with a plan in place to ensure that I have the resources to attend to my responsibilities at home, at school, and with AUGSA.

If elected, will you be accessible to students?

Great question! Yes, It is important to me to raise the profile of AUGSA both with external stakeholders and within the student body. Things change, government announcements are made, we learn more about what students want and need. Is it my commitment to you to demonstrate transparency during my service, to remain responsive to your priorities, to open up new channels of communication and increase student participation in AUGSA activities. 

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